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I have done an update to the gallery and added almost 2,000 images of Nicole from events she attended in 2005 while promoting her films Bewitched and The Interpreter.

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Nicole did an interview with Glamour and spoke about her involvement with Neutrogena, filming Big Little Lies, and changing her look for a character.

I don’t know about you, but season two of Big Little Lies can’t come soon enough. For one, all the cast members are returning, including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Laura Dern, and Shailene Woodley. Plus, we all now know that Madeline (Witherspoon) is going to throw ice cream on Meryl Streep. Really, how could they tease something like that then make us wait?

But it isn’t just Madeline’s brilliant one-liners (“I love my grudges; I tend to them like little pets”) or Kidman’s profound portrayal of a domestic abuse survivor that makes the show so compelling. As Kidman stated when she accepted a SAG Award (her first, at age 50) for her performance, Big Little Lies proves there’s an appetite for story-telling about women over the age of 40. “Twenty years ago, we were pretty washed up by this stage in our lives,” she said. “That’s not the case now. We have proven…and so many more are proving that we are potent and powerful and viable.”

The same can be said for Kidman’s ongoing involvement as a spokeswoman for Neutrogena, where she’s using her influence to shift conversations around aging from something that’s stigmatized to something that’s celebrated. We recently caught up with her at an event for the brand to chat beauty, BLL, and more.

How do you think the way we talk about beauty is changing?

I think we share a lot more. It’s not secretive, like, “I come out of the house and this is how I look [all put together],” like in the fifties or sixties. It’s very much now, “What do you use? What’s the latest? Oh my gosh, tell me!” and everyone shares, which is really helpful for women. I think it’s changing the way we see each other. We’re lucky now that we can age—and still age really well—but all be very open about it.

Speaking of aging, what’s your opinion on the term ‘anti-aging?’

As we get older we can still look good, be healthy and vibrant and appealing. I think that’s what every human being wants. Nobody wants to look like you’ve had the life sucked out of you. I just say it’s about gracefully aging—because it can be fun!

What influence has the movement to embrace aging had on Hollywood?

I’m in a position as an actress where I love the lines being blurred, because I get to play younger, I get to play older, and I get to play my age. Men always got to do that, and we’re in a position now for women where we’re trying to carve that path. It’s still hard to convince [casting agents and producers] to [let us] do that, but it’s a lot easier. I think other women are going, “No, I want to see women who I relate to, who I’ve grown up with, not just be discarded. I want to see them achieving things and still going strong.”

For me, I’ve been working since I was 14, so I have this crazy, intimate relationship with fans in a sense that they’ve seen my life, they’ve seen me fall, they’ve seen me get back up—they’ve seen me go through so much and still be here. That’s really exciting. And when Big Little Lies came out, the support from other women has been really nice. [Actresses my age] don’t just disappear, but we actually have opportunities to take chances. It makes me feel very grateful.

A lot of women are still afraid or ashamed to reveal their age. Is that something you’ve noticed?

I think it has to do with self-esteem, and also with bullying. [That’s why I’m glad] there’s this enormous move toward supporting each other. I think there’s a thing now where so many women are saying to each other, “I’ve got your back, girl.” When you know you’re supported like that, I think self-esteem and confidence grows, and the more we encourage that the better. We need to constantly be working on supporting rather than criticizing.

When you were discussing Celeste’s character in Big Little Lies, what beauty aspects were important to you to focus on?

Well, I use sunscreen because we’re shooting outdoors in Monterey. I love the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with 100+ SPF. And I use the Neutrogena Ivory Base Foundation, because I like Celeste to have that very pale, porcelain skin since she’s got a fragility. But I always approach each character differently, so I try to approach it from the inside out, and I don’t wear really heavy makeup. It’s just not who I am anyway.

I like being able to change the way I look with each character. Sometimes you use prosthetics to do that, and then you really need to take care of your skin, because they’re so harsh. I just did a role in a movie called The Destroyer [out in December 2018] where I age up, and then I age younger in the same movie. The prosthetics take two hours and you have to use harsh alcohol to take them off. They’re really tough on your skin. That’s why I’ll go home and use a mask, like Neutrogena’s HydroBoost, because when you put straight alcohol on your skin, it trashes it.

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Yay! Nicole’s new film Destroyer will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival! Thanks to the Toronto Sun for this fun news!

TORONTO — A crime thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Regina native Tatiana Maslany will compete for a $25,000 jury prize at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

“Destroyer,” directed by Karyn Kusama, will be among 12 feature films screening in the festival’s international Platform program.

It stars Kidman as a police detective dealing with the repercussions of a dark undercover assignment from her past.

Other films competing for the prize include “Her Smell” by Alex Ross Perry, starring Elisabeth Moss, Amber Heard, and Cara Delevingne.

Meanwhile, Patricia Clarkson is among the stars of “Out of Blue” by Carol Morley, and Jamie Bell stars in “Donnybrook” by Tim Sutton.

Now in its fourth year, the Platform program features works that have high artistic merit and a strong directorial vision.

Previous titles that have screened as part of the program include Pablo Larrain’s “Jackie” and Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight.”

A three-person international jury will announce the winner on the last day of the fest, which runs Sept. 6 to 16.

The rest of this year’s Platform program comprises:

— “Angelo” by Markus Schleinzer
— “Cities of Last Things” by Ho Wi Ding
— “The Good Girls” by Alejandra Marquez Abella
— “The Innocent” by Simon Jaquemet
— “Jessica Forever” by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel
— “Mademoiselle de Joncquieres” by Emmanuel Mouret
— “The River” by Emir Baigazin
— “Rojo” by Benjamin Naishtat

Keith has shared in a recent interview about how his song “The Fighter” was inspired by conversations with Nicole. Here is an article from the Tennessean and a video clip from USA Today.

Keith Urban has 24 No. 1 songs and his muse — wife Nicole Kidman — to thank for one of his most recent.

Urban, co-writer busbee and Urban’s duo partner Carrie Underwood met at the Back Corner on Monday to celebrate “The Fighter,” the singers’ chart-topping CMA-nominated duet.

Hosted by BMI, the event included a performance of the song from Urban, Underwood and busbee along with an evening heartfelt of thank-yous.

Urban had some free time while he was in London and invited busbee to fly over and write songs. The men agree the writing process for “The Fighter” was effortless, with busbee calling it an “otherly thing.” The songwriter and producer remembers that Urban met him at a recording studio after the singer’s workout. As soon as Urban could get the song out of his mouth, they were singing it to each other.

“It was one of those natural days,” busbee said. “We walked into a room and we were able to pull stuff out of the sky. That was one of those days.”

Urban credits the ease of the creative process to Kidman. He said the song was born from a conversation they had before they were married. Urban explained he was assuring his wife he was a “good bet.”

“I was a safe place and I would take care of her, and she could remain vulnerable and precious and that I would try and keep the world away from her so she didn’t have to be hardened,” Urban recalls telling Kidman. “I’m saying too much, but they talk about people saying you have to have a thick skin, and I don’t agree with that. I think you should be vulnerable and be a spirit and be real, and if people would stop being so harsh, especially to ourselves, then we wouldn’t have to have thick skins. We could just be a little more what we are, which is pure spirit and fragile and real. Real human beings. Real people.”

Quoting the song, he said: “When they’re trying to get to you baby I’ll be the fighter.” Then he explained, “That’s where it came from.”

Urban praised Underwood for being willing to be vulnerable in the song and on stage. The pair performed “The Fighter” on the Grammy Awards and other awards shows.

“You were perfect,” Urban told Underwood. “It’s not a given that every female will say, ‘What if I fall? What if I get scared?’ Bless you for saying that in a song because so many people won’t say that because they think they have to be tough … and you were willing to do that. I can’t thank you enough for being willing to be vulnerable for this song.”

Underwood said she was “honored” to be included in the project and that Urban was an inspiration to the country genre.

“Every time I’ve been around him he’s always listening to new music and he’s like, ‘What else is new out there,’ ” Underwood said. “He’s a consumer, a lover of music, and I respect that so much. You are such a great example for the rest of us, ‘How do we grow and how do we keep pushing ourselves and how do we keep getting better?’ ”

Urban will celebrate a new No. 1 hit soon. His current single — “Coming Home,” a duet with Julia Michaels — also just topped the country music charts.

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On a quiet summer Friday, the actress Nicole Kidman announced a new project, Nine Perfect Strangers, based on Liane Moriarty’s forthcoming novel. The next day, she filmed scenes for the second season of Big Little Lies, this one with Meryl Streep sharing the billing. And then, the following day—a Sunday, a day of rest—Nicole Kidman revealed that she would also be producing an adaptation of Janice Y.K. Lee’s novel The Expatriates, which was picked up by Amazon*.* (Last month, her production company announced a first-look deal with the streaming platform.) Oh, and she’ll tentatively be starring in both of them.

In the upcoming season of Big Little Lies, which will expand beyond the scope of Moriarty’s source novel, Streep plays Kidman’s mother-in-law, Mary-Louise (which is, in fact, Streep’s birth name; Meryl is a nickname)—making her the mother of Celeste Wright’s (spoiler alert) late husband, Perry. The role was actually devised by Moriarty herself when the possibility of a second season of the then limited series arose; she conceptualized the character with Streep in mind. (“We didn’t think we’d get her,” Kidman admitted in an interview shortly after the announcement.)

So between the entire Big Little Lies saga and Nine Perfect Strangers, Moriarty and Kidman, fellow Aussies, have cultivated a strong partnership. And with The Expatriates, the Janice Y.K. Lee adaptation, Kidman will again turn to a novel for inspiration in developing a project. The Expatriates, which was first released in 2016, centers on a trio of women navigating motherhood and social spheres in contemporary Hong Kong—a New York Times review at the time explained that the novel explores “the nuance and clash of culture, class, race and sex.”

Kidman began her production company, Blossom Entertainment, nearly a decade ago, developing Rabbit Hole, a film based on the Pulitzer Prize–winning play of the same title, under its auspices. Since then, she has made an effort to create the kinds of roles she wants to play and wants to put out in the world—including those in Big Little Lies, which features an ensemble cast comprising almost exclusively women.

“The Expatriates is just the beginning of our shared goal in making delicious stories with something meaningful to say about the world,” Kidman said in a statement announcing the Amazon collaboration. Just the beginning! Tomorrow is Monday. Nicole Kidman never rests.


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Thank you to Fan Carpet for the recognition.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter it looks like there could be a new role on the horizon for Nicole!

Charlize Theron is attached to star as Megyn Kelly in the Annapurna movie from Jay Roach.

Nicole Kidman is in talks to play former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson in Annapurna’s Roger Ailes movie, joining Charlize Theron who is attached to star as Megyn Kelly.

The studio, which is already making a Dick Cheney biopic with helmer Adam McKay, is financing and producing the project that was written by The Big Short scribe Charles Randolph and will be directed by Jay Roach.

Theron will produce the feature along with Beth Kono and AJ Dix via their Denver & Delilah banner. Roach, Randolph and Margaret Riley are also producing.

Ailes ran Fox News and helped launch the careers of Kelly, Carlson and Sean Hannity with his powerful channel. He also was a prominent figure in Republican circles that helped elect presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Ailes was forced to resign in 2016 when a host of accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced, with Carlson’s and Kelly’s the most high-profile, and which contributed to his exit from the network.

The untitled project is described as an ensemble pic, with Ailes and others who were involved at Fox News during his reign said to be major players in the piece. Characters included are likely to be Carlson, former anchor Greta Van Susteren, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and fired host Bill O’Reilly.

Kidman will soon be seen in another Annapurna project — Karyn Kusama’s Destroyer. She is also set for Warner Bros.’ Aquaman, The Goldfinch adaptation and Focus Feature’s Boy Erased. She is repped by CAA, Australia’s Shanahan, Media Talent Group and Jackoway Austen.

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Nicole and her Aquaman co-stars posed for portraits for Entertainment Weekly while at the San Diego Comic Con. Look how fun!

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Nicole Kidman’s very first San Diego Comic-Con has been pretty “amazing.”

The Oscar-winning actress stars as Queen Atlanna in the upcoming film Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa as the titular superhero. ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with Kidman, 51, during the Warner Bros. and DC press line on Saturday, where she shared the flattering way that the movie’s director, James Wan, convinced her to join the cast.

“It’s so funny because James said to me, ‘I so want you to do this,'” Kidman told ET. “And he said, ‘I’ll prove to you that I’ve always wanted you to do this. In all of my renderings, I drew you. So what’re you going to say?'”

Wan used Kidman’s face in the film’s concept art of the Atlantean matriarch because he had wanted her for the role.

Naturally, the Australian-born star couldn’t help but jump at the chance to play a powerful mermaid. Kidman, however, is no stranger to superhero films, having starred in 1995’s Batman Forever as Dr. Chase Meridian. During the Hall H panel earlier in the day at Comic-Con, where a new Aquaman trailer was revealed, she also playfully joked about her stunts in the movie.

“My opening shot in the film is being washed up on a rock, and I got to lie there with massive waves washing over me,” she shared. “And I kept thinking, ‘Come on, James! Give it to me! The bigger the better! This is why I’m doing this movie!’”

Kidman, meanwhile, has been enjoying her time at the convention, telling ET that her experience has been “amazing,” and adding, “It’s my first one.” Her time at Comic-Con will be short, though, as she has to get back to the set of Big Little Lies.

“I have to be at work tomorrow. I have to do rehearsal and then I have to be back on the set of Big Little Lies on Monday,” she explained. “And being the professional that I am, I [have] to leave this afternoon so that I can prep.”

The second season of the hit HBO series also includes Meryl Streep, whom Kidman called an “empress.”

“I bow down. She’s the empress,” Kidman said with a laugh. “We go out and we love eating Italian food in Monterey,” she added.

Meanwhile, ET caught up with Kidman’s Aquaman co-star Amber Heard earlier this year, when she gushed about working opposite “beautiful and soulful” Kidman. Watch the video to hear more.

Aquaman arrives in theaters on Dec. 21.


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Coni and Nicole. My two moms. 😂😂😂😂aloha j.

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