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Nicole is featured on the cover of the new Variety magazine.

If you don’t like sharing a meal, stay away from Nicole Kidman. “She’s the kind of person, when you’re at dinner with her, she goes, ‘What’s that?! And she’ll have a few mouthfuls,’” says her friend Hugh Jackman, recalling how she was once very eager to try his tiramisu. Then there was the time he and Kidman were on vacation together and she eyed his mug of cappuccino. “I said to her, ‘I think you’re having a little bit of FOMO,’ and she goes, ‘Yeah, I just want a sip. What is that drink? Can I taste it?’ It gives you a little insight into who she is.”

For more than three decades, Kidman has been nibbling, devouring, gnawing — and savoring — her way through some of the most complex roles in Hollywood. Her menu of projects touches on every genre imaginable, and then some. She could easily program a festival of her own films: auteur-driven dramas (“Eyes Wide Shut,” “Birth”), art-house period pictures (“The Hours,” “The Portrait of a Lady,” “Cold Mountain”), elevated horror flicks (“The Others”), satire (“To Die For”), popcorn hits (“Days of Thunder,” “Batman Forever”), an Adam Sandler movie (“Just Go With It”) and the best original musical of the last 20 years (“Moulin Rouge!”). In 2017, Kidman headlined four movies and two TV series, and she picked up an Emmy for HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” getting her halfway to an EGOT, with only a Tony and a Grammy out of her reach. But give her time.

This year, Kidman returns with three more films. That’s one of the reasons why Variety has chosen her as our Show Woman of the Year. “Thank you — oh, my God!” Kidman says during a recent conversation at the Beverly Hills Hotel as she waves her palms in the air. “I’m doing my jazz hands.” Kidman lives in Nashville with her husband Keith Urban and their two kids, but she’s spent a lot of time this fall in Los Angeles with her dual awards-season offerings. She stars in Focus Features’ “Boy Erased,” where she plays the Baptist mother of a teenager who is forced into gay conversion therapy, and Annapurna’s “Destroyer,” portraying a tough detective investigating a homicide. In December, she dips her toe into the DC Comics universe with “Aquaman” as the matriarch Queen Atlanna, who looks like one of the sisters from “The Little Mermaid.”

Kidman says it’s easier to play fictional characters than real people. For her Oscar-winning role in “The Hours,” she had to ease up on an accent that precisely mirrored Virginia Woolf’s voice, because director Stephen Daldry thought audiences wouldn’t understand it. She’s now preparing to play Gretchen Carlson in a movie about Roger Ailes, but she hasn’t met with the former Fox News anchor, who sued her boss for sexual harassment. “I’ve been quietly doing my research,” Kidman says. “Even though it’s a very small role, you have to do the work. I’ve read her book. I’ve watched a lot of footage.”

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Last night Nicole attended the Governors Awards and looked absolutely gorgeous in a cream hand beaded gown designed by Rodarte which she paired with heels by Sophia Webster.

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I have added images from last week’s press conference for Nicole’s film Destroyer to our gallery.

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I came across these beautiful images from a recent shoot that Nicole did for USA Today.

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Nicole attended this week’s CMA Awards where Keith won Entertainer of the Year! I love watching how these two support each other. Here is a video of Keith winning and accepting his award with Nicole by his side …

… and there are some images from the event in our gallery!

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These shots are beautiful! I love these images from the Allure feature.

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Nicole is featured on the cover of the December 2018/January 2019 issue of Allure magazine for their Out of the Office issue.

With her aquatic life and stratospheric career, Nicole Kidman is a creature of two realms. Starring roles in three new movies prove that she is as relevant — and impassioned — as ever.

Every single one of God’s creatures in this wine bar is looking at Nicole Kidman, who gracefully excuses herself from our shared Caesar salad to float to the bathroom. As soon as Kidman gets up, a voraciously chatty woman nearby, who has been eyeing Kidman over her husband’s shoulder, stops trash-talking her next-door neighbor midsentence. The sole waitress watches Kidman cautiously from afar. Maybe they are gazing through her translucent skin, or wondering why Nicole Kidman, celebrated movie star, is dining at a strip mall wine bar at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, or perhaps they have never before seen a citizen of Oceania, a rare demographic in Nashville that comprises .2 percent of the populace. Regardless, they are joined in watching her amble preternaturally toward the bathroom, eyes trained on her legs, because no human being walks the way Nicole Kidman walks.

Arms rigidly pressed to her sides, posture geometrically perfect, she moves at the pace of one step every two seconds, like a local deity blessing onlookers with her presence and some scattered eye contact. When Kidman says hello to the gossipmonger near us, the woman doesn’t say anything, focusing all of her energy on not imploding. She can’t eke out a single syllable while beholding Nicole Kidman, queen of 360 Bistro, empress of this West Nashville strip mall, acclaimed actor, gazelle on two legs, moving glacially about the wine bar.

“Something you need to be aware of,” begins Karyn Kusama, who directed Kidman in this fall’s Destroyer, “is that she is legitimately statuesque.”

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This weekend Nicole was honored at the Hollywood Film Awards. As she walked the red carpet she did multiple interviews on various topics. Watch clips from these interviews here.

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