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May 17, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Variety does an exclusive interview with Nicole to discuss her new projects, Cannes, and more. Nicole Kidman’s heels will be aching from this year’s Cannes Film Festival. She’ll be a fixture on the red carpet, launching four projects. There’s Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” and Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled” (both co-starring Colin […]

Apr 23, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Nicole’s agent Sandy Gallin died this weekend at the age of 76 due to multiple myeoloma. High-profile agent and manager Sandy Gallin, who represented Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor, Cher, Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg, has died following a long illness with multiple myeoloma. He was 76. The New York native also represented Neil Diamond, Barbra […]

Apr 13, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Great article by Vogue on Nicole’s career! Nicole Kidman landed in Hollywood almost 30 years ago—one of her first major movie roles was 1990’s Days of Thunder, with eventual husband Tom Cruise—but with her dark, nuanced, and frankly mesmerizing performance in Big Little Lies, it’s almost as if audiences are seeing her for the first […]

Apr 03, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the finale of “Big Little Lies,” which aired April 2. The mystery is finally solved: Not only do we know who did it, we also know who the victim is, too. And we know who the father is of Jane’s son, Ziggy — the man who assaulted […]

Apr 02, 17   Ali   0 Comment

People shared this article after talking to Keith & Nicole on the red carpet tonight … they discussed Keith’s song The Fighter. Keith Urban may be the most nominated artist at Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, but if you think that carries any clout at home with Oscar-winning wife Nicole Kidman and his daughters, […]

Apr 01, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Nicole did an interview this week with EW Radio on Sirius XM where she talked about why she decided to join the new Aquaman film. Nicole Kidman hasn’t been in a superhero movie since she played Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend, Dr. Chase Meridian, in 1995’s Batman Forever. Since that not-so-beloved movie, the Australian actress has won […]

Mar 28, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Vogue interviewed Nicole on her work as Celeste on Big Little Lies. Nicole shared how she had bruises from filming and how much it bothered Keith. There’s been a general consensus among those in the office watching HBO’s irresistible Big Little Lies for the past few weeks: Nicole Kidman has never been better. In the […]

Mar 26, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Vulture did an interview with Nicole and talked with her about the decision to play Celeste and the work she is doing on her series Big Little Lies. Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman didn’t realize what being on a popular TV show would be like. On the Philadelphia set of her new film, Untouchable, Big […]

Mar 24, 17   Ali   0 Comment

Vulture gives us a look at how Nicole prepared to play Celeste on Big Little Lies and the domestic abuse aspect of the story. Nicole Kidman is having a hard time shaking her Big Little Lies character. Nine months after production ended, the Oscar winner and first-time TV star’s voice quavers when discussing the filming […]

Mar 12, 17   Ali   0 Comment

A few weeks ago Nicole sat down with W Magazine as part of their Screen Test series. Nicole Kidman, who was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in ‘Lion,’ opens up about her relationship with husband Keith Urban (“Does that make me high maintenance?” she wonders), her first kiss (while watching ‘The […]