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Sep 01, 18   0 Comment Site

We have new themes here at Nicole Kidman Online thanks to the talents of Nicole (header) & Claudia (theme) in honor of our second anniversary! This theme features images from the photo shoot done earlier this year by Tatler magazine.

Aug 02, 18   0 Comment Site

Thank you to Fan Carpet for the recognition.

Sep 01, 17   0 Comment Site

Today marks NKO’s one year birthday! I am so proud of how this site has grown and so grateful to each of you for visiting and enjoying the site! Here is to many more! In honor of our birthday we have a new theme. Thanks to Nicole at NWL9 Design for our beautiful header and […]

Feb 03, 17   0 Comment Site

I have taken the time to write up a biography about Nicole that highlights her life and some major points in her career. The information in the biography is taken from interviews and articles done on Nicole and is as accurate as I could make it. I learned a lot about her and have even […]

Sep 01, 16   0 Comment Site

I am so excited to share Nicole Kidman Online with you. This site is a small dedication to a talented actress. I have been a fan of Nicole’s since the last 1990s and have loved watching her develop as an actress and woman. The site is just a fraction of what I hope for it […]

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