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November 17, 2017   Ali   Articles & Interviews Be first to comment

In times which Nicole Kidman calls “extraordinary,” the actress is managing to fly above it all — courtesy of some high-fashion wings and a bit of love and positivity.

Dressed in a Christian Dior tiered gown adorned with a literal cartoon bird, Kidman accepted her Glamour Women of the Year award Monday night at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, explaining that her dress was a reminder of the individual’s limitless potential.

“I want to be able to say thank you for supporting me, for embracing me, for giving me chances, for allowing me to fall and fail, and then allowing me to get back up and brush off my knees, even if they’re bloodied, and fly,” she said. “I’m wearing wings tonight, and I tell you, to all of those young girls and boys, even if your wings get clipped, you can build them back and you can fly.”

The message came after the actress thanked her husband Keith Urban for his unyielding support, admitting that despite being a “strong woman,” she still needs the help her partner, for more than a decade, offers her.

“He gives me so much strength at times, and he gives me so much love,” she said, adding, “I’m very, very fortunate and I know so many people in this room don’t have that, but I have it, and I want to acknowledge it.”

But ultimately, it was Kidman’s upbringing, she explained, in a household consisting of a feminist mother and a loving father where “everyone was equal” that taught Kidman the concept of “good love.” It what she uses to navigate “unchartered territories.” (The actress did not directly mention politics or the current climate in Hollywood in a post-Weinstein era, but spoke instead to vague concepts of uneasiness.)

The Big Little Lies actress ended her speech — in a night with several political calls-to-action from fellow Women of the Year, including Gigi Hadid, Maxine Waters and Samantha Bee — with a warning that, Dior dresses aside, birds of a feather, should no longer, flock together.
“It’s so easy for us to gravitate towards the places in the world that are safe,” the actress said. “The people who are most like us the people, whose gender whose sexuality or race we share, but I’m convinced the galvanization of all of us together is what’s essential. I truly believe we must share the good love that we receive whenever we see that it’s needed.

“It’s about building bridges. Bridges bring understanding, they bring empathy, but they bring change, and that’s what we need, we need change.”


November 15, 2017   Ali   Videos Be first to comment

Jason Momoa is participating in the Justice League press tour and was asked about working with Nicole for the Aquaman movie … the clip is so nice!

“I love working with Oscar winners.”

Starts at 0:33 seconds into the clip.

November 14, 2017   Ali   Family, Videos Be first to comment

Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person! Thank you Glamour!

Keith Urban’s first impression of his wife Nicole Kidman will leave you in tears.

Consider a sampling of the emotions Nicole Kidman brings out in her roles: the sociopathic charm in To Die For (1995), the soul-destroying grief in Birth (2004), the suicidal genius in The Hours (2002), the frightening dissociation in HBO’s Big Little Lies (2017), and the chilling reserve in the just-released The Killing of a Sacred Deer. The breadth of her work is tremendous. And she is also an extraordinary instrument of change—one who flexes her personal power not only in the world of motion pictures and television but also as a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador since 2006. Her efforts are geared toward raising awareness about women’s rights around the world, with a focus on violence against women. Says the Oscar and Emmy winner: “I have seen that there is no limit to what women can achieve when given the opportunity.”

Last night Nicole spoke with Access Hollywood on the red carpet of the Glamour Women of the Year Event.

November 12, 2017   Ali   Events, Images Be first to comment

Last night Nicole attended the Los Cabos International Film Festival for a screening of her film The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. Nicole looked absolutely gorgeous in a Ermanno Scervino gown.

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November 11, 2017   Ali   Family, Music Be first to comment

Nicole is featured on the background vocals of Keith’s new single “Female”.

We know that Nicole has strong feelings about women being abused both physically and sexually … so having her voice added to it adds to the already powerful message she is sending out.

November 11, 2017   Ali   Killing of a Sacred Deer Be first to comment

The Greek director has very specific rules for all actors interested in working with him.

After Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos landed an Oscar nomination for “Dogtooth,” his twisted dystopian vision of a family trapped in deranged rituals, his agent took him around town. It was the usual routine: Promising young talent offered numerous pre-conceived projects, with no guarantee that he’d have any control over the final result. “I didn’t really know the landscape,” said Lanthimos in an interview. “I just realized it’s not what I’m interested in. I’d never be able to survive such a situation.”

That early decision paid off. After “Dogtooth,” Lanthimos churned out a series of movies that have continued to cement his status as one of the most original, visionary filmmakers working today. His movies present bleak, self-contained universes of despair, and they’re never predictable. After his Greek followup “Alps,” Lanthimos shifted to English-language productions and started with working with name talent. First came “The Lobster,” in which Colin Farrell played a man in a society where bachelorhood was illegal; the project landed Lanthimos another Oscar nomination, for original screenplay.

He quickly followed that with “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” now in release, a haunting, surreal horror tale in which Farrell plays a surgeon whose family is cursed by a young man seeking revenge against the doctor. The movie had a solid start in limited release, and managed to shock audiences at the Cannes Film Festival in May without alienating too many of them.

November 11, 2017   Ali   Events, Images Be first to comment

Nicole was in China last night for the Alibaba Singles’ Day Global Shopping Festival Gala where she participated in the festival gala ceremony.

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November 9, 2017   Ali   Big Little Lies Be first to comment

It’s amazing how a crate full of Emmys can hasten the development process. Case in point: A second season of Big Little Lies is poised to become a reality (much) sooner than later.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that HBO is eyeing a Spring 2018 production start for the female-driven phenom, which snagged eight Emmy statues in September, including for Outstanding Limited Series and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series for Nicole Kidman. As recently as two weeks ago, Big Little Lies EP/writer David E. Kelley strongly intimated to TVLine that a second season was nearing the scheduling stage.

“We’re kicking around ideas and trying to lasso the talent [and] get the band back together,” he shared. “It’s just a lot of logistical things. But I’m optimistic because everyone wants to do it. We feel we still have storytelling to do. No decision has been made yet, but we’re hopeful. Where we left it, I felt like it did open the opportunity for a lot more storytelling.”

An HBO rep declined to confirm anything about a potential second season.

Even before Big Little Lies triumphed at the Emmys, HBO asked Liane Moriarty — whose novel the miniseries was based on — to “take a crack at” coming with with a story for a potential second season. Kidman and fellow leading lady/EP Reese Witherspoon both expressed interest in keeping the franchise going, and director Jean-Marc Vallée — who initially balked at doing a sequel — now wants in. “It’d be great to reunite the team and to do it,” Vallée said backstage at the Emmys. “Are we going to be able to do it, altogether? I wish. We’ll see.” [UPDATE: Vallée will not be directing the show’s second season.]


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