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Deadline has shared that Nicole is joining the comedy She Came to Me.

Steve Carell, Amy Schumer and Nicole Kidman are attached to She Came to Me, the next film to be directed by Rebecca Miller. Miller and Damon Cardasis’ banner Round Films will produce with OddLot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker and Rachel Shane. Miller wrote the script.

The pic is described as a comedic drama set in the world of contemporary opera and tug boats that cuts into the layer cake of American society with wit and heart. Miller most recently wrote and directed Maggie’s Plan. CAA reps her, Carell is with WME and Media Four, Schumer’s at UTA and B Company and Kidman with CAA and Media Talent Group.

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Vulture gives us a look at how Nicole prepared to play Celeste on Big Little Lies and the domestic abuse aspect of the story.

Nicole Kidman is having a hard time shaking her Big Little Lies character. Nine months after production ended, the Oscar winner and first-time TV star’s voice quavers when discussing the filming of Celeste’s violent and highly sexual marriage to Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). “I feel weird talking about it,” she says over the phone from the Philadelphia set of Untouchable. “I’m not comfortable because I feel like I want the work to speak for itself, and I don’t like dissecting it too much. It’s one of the hardest roles I’ve had to talk about because I’m still very raw about it. It’s weird.”

Not when you consider the intensity of Celeste and Perry’s story line. From controlling Celeste’s schedule to pushing her around, grabbing her forcefully, and beating her, Perry is a classic abuser. And yet Celeste is, on some level, addicted to her husband’s rage and the sexual energy it unleashes between them, adding gray areas to an alarming domestic situation not usually examined in this way on television.

“The intention was to see how complex it is: to show how people lie about it, what it feels to go through it, and how painful it can be for the woman, who is the victim in this case,” Big Little Lies director Jean-Marc Vallée said. “But [writer David E. Kelley] and I and all of our partners thought, Well, what if we try to care for this guy too? He is the perpetrator of the violence, but he is aware of it and sincerely wants to get rid of his demons. That’s why I think you wonder and go, My God, I see. I see. There’s a little spark of hope here and there. I wanted to try to touch people’s hearts.”

In this past Sunday night’s episode, “Once Bitten,” Perry attacks Celeste after he sees their kids’ toys strewn around their apartment. He beats her, almost suffocates her, then has sex with her, most of which the viewer learns as Celeste remembers it. “After we shot some of the really, really violent scenes, I was in a lot of pain myself. My body was,” recalls Kidman, who’s also an executive producer on the series. Except for one scene in the finale, which airs April 2, where a body double was used to help choreograph a fight, Kidman and Skarsgård filmed all of the violence themselves. “It was very strange. It wasn’t a good feeling,” she says. “But women go through this so I wanted to tap into the truth of it, and I wanted it to be as real as it could be. Afterwards I would just be quiet. I would go home and be quiet.”

Vallée purposefully let the violent scenes linger. “I wanted it to feel like, whoa, you don’t belong there,” he said. “You’re witnessing something that is hurting you and is tough. We rarely cut because I want to show what’s great about the storytelling and the acting.”

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Captures of last Sunday’s episode of Big Little Lies, Once Bitten are now in our gallery!

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I am all caught up on the first four episodes of Big Little Lies captures … just in time for an all-new episode tomorrow night! Enjoy!

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The actresses reveal the secrets of their new exciting US drama

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman tell TV Magazine what we need to know about Big Little Lies

1 Based on the bestselling novel by Australian writer Liane Moriarty, this TV adaptation of Big Little Lies was born when avid reader Reese Witherspoon devoured the novel and passed it on to her pal, fellow Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman.

“I met Liane in Sydney and we had coffee,” Nicole recalls. “That’s where I said: ‘If you let us option this book, then I promise you that Reese and I will get this made.’”

2 The seven-part US drama series follows a group of competitive mums whose kids attend an exclusive private school. A murder occurs at a fundraising night, but it is initially unclear to viewers who the victim – or the killer – is. “Everybody has secrets,” Reese, 40, says of the plot. “It’s about how we all hide in plain sight.”

3 The three main characters are: Madeline (Reese), a sunny-yet-sometimes-spiky alpha mum; Celeste (Nicole), an ex-lawyer with a toyboy husband; and Jane (Shailene Woodley), a quiet newcomer who has just moved to the area with her son. The cast also includes Alexander Skarsgård, Adam Scott, Zoë Kravitz and Laura Dern.

4 The pedigree of people behind the scenes is as impressive as those on screen. Ally McBeal creator David E Kelley wrote the scripts, while Oscar-nominated director Jean-Marc Vallée, who worked with Reese on 2014 movie Wild, directed. Reese and Nicole were both executive producers.

5 While the book is set in Australia, the series has relocated to the California beachside city of Monterey. “The show’s storylines are universal, but Jean-Marc felt passionately that it needed to be set in a community near water,” explains Nicole. “And that’s almost like a character in the show now.”

6 As a mum of three herself, Reese really connected to the material. “Reading it, I saw myself in different stages of motherhood,” she reveals. “I was a mom when I was 22, like Jane, then I was a mom at 40, like Madeline. I’ve been divorced, I’ve been remarried… There are so many aspects that are relatable to women’s lives.”

7 Towards the end of episode one, there is a shocking development for Nicole’s character Celeste, and the intense scenes took their toll on the 49-year-old actress. “I would go home, bruised all over,” she says. “My body was really damaged. I’d sit in the bath and cry.”

8 Mum-of-four Nicole won’t be letting her eight-year-old daughter Sunday watch Big Little Lies anytime soon… “She desperately wants to see this series and I am like: ‘No, when you are 18…’”

9 Reese took on this project as she was sick of seeing the “complete lack of interesting characters for women” on screen: “I thought women have bigger stories to tell and if no one is going to develop this material on TV, then I’ll do it myself.”

10 Unlike many actresses her age, Reese doesn’t have a problem with looking older on camera. “I love being 40,” she laughs. “When I saw the first cut of Big Little Lies, I saw that I have wrinkles. However, I love that I have wrinkles and I love that I’ve earned those wrinkles. I worked really hard for them!”


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Madeline receives encouraging news about the play from her director, Joseph Bachman, but is left concerned by his newly icy demeanor. Principal Nippal and Ms. Barnes share their conclusions about Ziggy and Amabella with Jane. Celeste has a solo session with Dr. Reisman, who tries to get to the bottom of her relationship with Perry.

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A few weeks ago Nicole sat down with W Magazine as part of their Screen Test series.

Nicole Kidman, who was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in ‘Lion,’ opens up about her relationship with husband Keith Urban (“Does that make me high maintenance?” she wonders), her first kiss (while watching ‘The Shining’), and how, at 49, she’s still quite impressionable. Next up, she’ll star in HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’ and Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Beguiled.’

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I am back from vacation and playing catch up on captures of Nicole in her new series Big Little Lies.

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This past weekend Nicole was in Germany attending the Golden Camera awards where she received the award for Best International Actress. I have added images to the gallery from the event.

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